Personalised and Professional Service

Welcome to our bespoke section. This is where, with a touch of personality, Alexander Chocolate can become your chocolate.

Bespoke Services:

White Arthur David Strawberry Cream

Logo Printed Chocolates  If you have a lot of corporate clients why not treat them to a box of Alexander Chocolate with your logo printed directly on them. All edible paints and prints of course.

Personalised & Initialled Chocolate Selection  Why not treat a loved one to their own personalised chocolate? Choose from our wide selection of products and request their initials painted or printed – whichever you prefer – directly on each one.

Personalised Boxes  Just get in touch if you’d like a message written on the boxes containing your orders. We’ll write what you like, up to 40 words, free of charge.

Bulk Orders – If you need a large selection of our products do get in touch in good time so we can process your order as quickly as possible.

Professional kitchens Our handcrafted chocolate is available to buy for use in your venue. If you want to use high-quality chocolate made to a flavour profile to suit your needs we can build one for you. Please call or email us.

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