Our Ethos

Here at Alexander Chocolate, our focus is not only to deliver quality products but to ensure that they are as ethically produced as possible.

The cocoa that we use is classed as ‘Fino de Aroma,’ a title only given to the best 7-8% of cocoa produced worldwide. The farmers of the crops are supported throughout the production with both training and tools freely given to ensure the highest quality possible. For further information on the cocoa we use please visit here. Using this cocoa means we have total traceability on the cocoa right back to the plantations in Colombia it grows on.

All of our chocolates are vegetarian and our dark chocolate is vegan. All are entirely allergen free, no soya lecithin here. We even have a sweet dark chocolate for those who don’t like too bitter a chocolate but can’t or don’t want milk in their diets!

All of the packaging we use is recyclable. Rather than using plastic trays in our boxes, we use a food-safe paper and cushion pads to prevent the chocolates moving around. This means that there is no plastic packaging in of our signature products and the whole lot can be recycled as cardboard.

We home grow some of our own ingredients and try to source the rest as locally as possible. The lemon verbena that features in one of our chocolate and in Spire Gin is grown in Alexander’s kitchen garden.

The point is, we care. Alexander himself even drives a hybrid car… You’ll may even see him buzzing around Wiltshire in it, with our logo across the back.